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Our vision is to spread life changing financial literacy and in the process build a massive community of like minded educated individuals where opportunities are continuously presented in every part of life. We want to share that with you with our "Assets". No matter what opportunities present themselves we want to share them with you, we want to build this family of financially educated people who know how to build wealth.

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Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou Bloomberg

Influencers Are Luring Investors Flummoxed by Meme Stonks and Options.

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Avantika Shankar VICE

Gen Z Has a New Side Hustle: Stock Trading.

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Jill Wagner
Cheddar News

Millennials & Gen-Z Make Trading Stocks Their New Side Hustle

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Emily Graffeo
Business Insider

Retail investors are flocking to Discord amid the Reddit day-trader revolution

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Daily Mail

Meet the fin-fluencers: Raised on social media, fueled by boredom and flush with stimulus checks - scores of newly-minted 'zillennials' are shaking up the stock market on TikTok

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